About us Change=


is a full service social real estate developer and property management company.

Community is key to us and that translates into the architecture of the buildings, the services we offer and the programs we organize together with residents.

Our concept is aimed at young professionals between the ages of 18 and 36. We call our concept Networked Living: meeting the needs of our times, as a service, sustainable, interconnected, innovative, with community as the central feature.

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Vision and mission

Change= focuses on contributing to a healthy, productive, sustainable and future-oriented society. We do this by facilitating young professionals and other transition groups at a crossroads in terms of work, living, learning, life, care and safety.

Change= fulfils its mission by providing sustainable, state-of-the-art residential complexes. Here, community is central and the studios, services, well-being and work facilities converge. The term ‘Networked Living’ is used among our residents to describe living at Change=.

Every building is different, just like every community and resident is different. During the rapid changes in society, many groups are struggling. Young people, divorced couples, the elderly or international talent: all call for more flexible living concepts. Change= recognizes the need for unburdening and facilitating these target groups. Through our ‘Networked living’ concept, Change= real estate is invested in creating a future perspective for these transition groups.

Networked Living

Our world is changing from having to sharing and from owning to using. Change= stays on top of these developments and continuously adapts the living concepts to this. We are therefore offering our residents something new. No more buying and selling, but pay by use, when and for as long as needed (pay-per-use basis).

Living as a service. That's how it can be done!

You decide what your future will look like! Create a better future for yourself with Change=.