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Change= is located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, Amsterdam-Zuidoost and Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. We provide modern furnished studios, with the option to use a wide range of additional services that cater to your needs. Change= provides offers you a modern and flexible ‘Networked Living’ concept, at the most affordable price. This living concept is aimed at young professionals, between the ages of 18 and 36. The Networked Living concept stands for living, working, learning, care and safety.



Young professionals that prefer networked living


At Change= you live in an independent studio where you don’t need to worry about installing a new floor or buying new curtains. Our studios are fully furnished and, aside from the floor and the curtains, also equipped with a modern kitchen with refrigerator and induction hob. You also have a private bathroom and toilet. Because we deliver the studios in this way, it means less costs for you so you save money, which you can put towards building your future.

In this table you will find an overview of the costs you can save on by living at Change=.

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Service charge




Heating costs




















change= delivers a total package

Inspiring workspaces available to you 24/7

In addition to living at Change=, we also offer inspiring workspaces. Many of our residents are young professionals. They can use our workstations in the common areas or at Change=Pro.

Your development is paramount!

Change=Pro gives you the platform to develop yourself, meet people and learn from our education partners and other professionals. As a result, residents of Change= can regularly, either free of charge or by way of a small contribution, participate in workshops and seminars in the field of personal and business development.

Feel safe with Change=

Thanks to our advanced camera and keycard system, we minimize the chance of unwanted visitors. Safety is an important factor when it comes to feeling at home, therefore there is a reception area during the week from 09:00 to 17:30. Furthermore, you can consult the caretaker in the evenings and weekends and in case of emergencies you can contact the emergency service.

Community activities

In addition to living and working, it is also important to have contact with your fellow residents. We organize activities such as game nights and drinks so residents have the chance to connect with one another.

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Networked living

for young professionals

Living at Change= is more than just a home. Work, living, learning, life, care and safety are central to us. Many of our residents are innovative young professionals. Living at Change= means that you never have to feel alone again, because you can meet fellow residents in the common areas, the Health Club or during community activities. The 'Networked Living' concept is a social way of living with high-quality services, which meets current-day needs!

Gebouw Utrecht

We want you!

Are you young, ambitious and looking for a home in Amsterdam or Utrecht?

Our three locations are each different and the services also differ per location. If you are interested in living at Change=, think carefully about what you want to get out of it, which location suits you best and which services you find important.

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How much can you save in Utrecht? How much can you save in Amsterdam?

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Frequently asked questions

What does my contract look like?

Initially, you will receive a 1-year contract. If everything goes well and there are no issues with the tenancy, this will be converted into a lease for an indefinite period.

I am a student, am I eligible to rent accommodation through Change=?

No, this concept is aimed at young professionals between 18 and 36 years (Young Professionals) with a gross income of at least €2400 (Amsterdam) and a maximum of €3889 per month. In Utrecht Leidsche Rijn you must have a minimum gross income of €2400 and a maximum of €3397 gross per month.

Can I visit the studio?

During the intake it is not always possible to visit a studio, because all studios are rented out every month. The current tenant has the studio until the end of the month.

Can I apply for a rent allowance?

Yes, you can, but that depends on your salary.

Why did Change= choose to provide community services when housing corporations or traditional landlords don't?

Generally, independent living costs a lot of money initially. In addition to the usual two months’ rent and deposit to be paid in up front, you also have to consider the costs involved for furnishing your own home. This alone already requires a starting capital of thousands of euros. Change= realized that this is not necessarily feasible for every starter.

Change= makes this lowers the threshold significantly. We only ask for a month's rent in advance in addition to the deposit. Furthermore, our studios are completely ready to use and fully furnished (laminate, painted, curtains, laundry/drying combination or laundry bar etc.). This means the resident can enjoy their home right away, without having to worry about high costs and the added stress involved in making the home livable in the early stages. Furthermore, the Internet is widely considered to be a basic need nowadays. Change=, again, manages to provide on this front, offering the lowest rates for the highest quality. By arranging everything in this way, Change= reduces the starter costs, as well as the monthly bills. This completely unburdens our young professionals in the initial phase of independent living. As a result, there is more time for personal development and/or to focus on their dynamic professional lives.

By providing these services, a starter is not forced to first scrape together a starting capital, but the starter can immediately stand on their own feet.

When will I receive the key and can I move sooner?

After receiving the deposit, we will contact you to make an appointment for the key transfer. You will receive the key on the first working day of the month, unless this it is a public holiday or weekend. Unfortunately, it is not possible to move prior to the agreed date.

What does change= community concept mean?

Aside from a living space, Change= offers its residents additional services and facilities that cater for all modern-day living needs. For example, high-speed internet, digital television, workspaces, recreational and sports facilities and additional facilities that guarantee a safe living and working environment.

The Change= concept revolves around “working, living, learning, living, care and safety”. Change= is able to offer these amenities and services at low prices. As a result, a Change= resident usually saves more than €300 on basic living costs, compared to someone who rents regular social housing. High-quality homes and a socially designed living environment are offered. For young professionals, change= not only provides an answer to the ever-increasing rental prices in big cities, but it also offers a solution to the problems surrounding the ever-increasing basic living costs.

What happens after I have had an intake?

After the intake you will be placed on the active waiting list. This means that we will contact you as soon as a studio is available that meets your preferences.

What documents should I submit after signing the contract?
  • Confirmation housing permit (City of Amsterdam).

  • Proof of electricity contract (provider of choice).

  • Proof of registration with Woningnet (woningnet.com).

  • Proof of registration with the City of Amsterdam.