Rent a studio in Amsterdam Zuidoost?

At Elizabeth Cady Stantonplein 801 you will find the second Change= building, completed in 2019. The building is 10 floors high and has about 500 studios specially developed for young professionals between the ages of 18 and 36. All our buildings are sustainable, green and natural gas-free. In doing so, we contribute to a green planet.


Change= Amsterdam-Zuidoost is close to several parks such as Nelson Mandela Park (5-minute walk). There’s also a nice shopping center at 1-minute walking distance: Amsterdamse Poort. Change= Amsterdam-Zuidoost is easily accessible by public transport. Both Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station and Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena metro station are only a 10-minute walk away. In addition, there are also many bus connections, so you can also easily reach the small nearby towns.

Our service

You enter the Change= building by using a keycard. At the entrance you can choose to use the elevator to your studio or you can take the stairs to the Atrium. In the Atrium you will find the reception and the mailroom. In the spacious atrium you can meet fellow residents or find a place to work. Next to the atrium is the communal living room, where you can also meet fellow residents or find some relaxation!

Am I eligible to live at Change=?

  • I am looking for a living environment with a community of like-minded people

  • I earn a gross salary of €2400 per month

  • I am a young professional between 18 and 36 years old

  • I want to rent for at least one year

Want to know more about renting at Change=?

Common areas

The Atrium is also an inspiring space where you can buy coffee or get something tasty from the vending machine. You can also use it as a flexible workplace or to meet other residents.

The wooden houses are used daily to work in or to get in contact with other residents.

Through the Atrium you can also reach the shared courtyard garden. Especially when it’s nice weather, the courtyard can be used to play a game of badminton or to sunbathe. In bad weather you can use the general living area Here you can play pool, darts, board games or have enjoy a party or a celebration.


Our ready-to-use studios

At Change= you rent a ready-to-use modern studio of approximately 28m2 at the most affordable price. So you don't have to worry about buying a new floor, refrigerator, curtains, internet and induction hob. You only have to move your furniture and you can immediately enjoy your independent studio with its own modern kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

What will rent at Change= cost me?

  • The average bare rent is €658.27.

  • Service costs are €264.
    These are the costs incurred for the lift, building, glass washers, signal guidance, cleaner, security, Internet/Wi-Fi, utility costs (underfloor heating). Service costs are an advance payment, each year you will receive an annual statement reflecting the costs incurred.

  • Deposit one-time €1200.

  • There is a possibility to apply for rent allowance. More information can be found on the website of the Dutch tax authorities.

  • You enter into a contract with Change= for one year. After that, the contract can be terminated monthly.

  • You must set up an energy and water contract yourself with a provider of your choice.

Change= Amsterdam Zuidoost

Am I eligible for a rent allowance?

Whether you are eligible for a rent allowance is of course entirely dependent on your income, you can calculate this on the website of the Dutch tax authorities.

Change= has chosen to use a bare rent that does not exceed the social rent limit, which may make you eligible for a rent allowance.

Unlike the high rents you may experience through corporations and in the free sector, we make it possible for you to live in Amsterdam at the most affordable price.

Need more information about rental properties in Amsterdam at Change=? No problem! You can then contact us by sending an email to: inschrijvingen@change-is.com. We will respond to your query within a few working days.

Do you want to live at Change=?

This is what we need from you

  • It is important that you have an employment contract, three pay slips, three salary deposits and a bank statement, with your name and address on it.

  • After the approval of the documents provided by you, you will be placed on a waiting list. Once a studio becomes available for you, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note: there is a waiting list for the studios in Amsterdam Zuidoost. This currently takes between three to six months. Sign up now and you may soon be part of our Change= Networked Living community.


Amsterdam Zuidoost

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