Studio's and living

For young professionals (18-36 years), both personal and career development are important factors.

It is necessary to have your own place. At Change= you have an independent place to live, where you can find peace and at the same time enjoy the option of social interaction. In our residential complex there are several common areas to look for fellow residents. During the community events you will also have the opportunity to get to know each other better. You can also walk past the community office or reception to have a chat with the Change= team.

Studio's van Change=

Affordable living

We offer our residents the opportunity to shape their future in an affordable way. We do this by offering independent housing – in centrally located hot spots – that meet modern requirements, employment and trends.

Due to the varying range of our services, which are 10 to 40% cheaper than the market standard, both individually and as a whole, our residents also benefit from improved purchasing power. As a result, we offer future perspective for young starters.

Change= has chosen to charge a rental price that does not exceed the social cost of rent limit, which may make you eligible for rent allowance.

Unlike the high rents that you encounter through corporations in the Amsterdam free sector, we make it possible for you to live in Amsterdam at an affordable price!

Am I eligible to live at Change=?

  • I have a gross monthly income between €2000 and €3700

  • I want to live in Amsterdam/Utrecht

  • The concept ‘Networked Living’ suits me well!

  • I want to rent at least one year

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