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Change= where you find a home and not just a studio!

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Studios & Living

We give our residents the opportunity to enjoy affordable living. We offer independent housing with additional services. Through Change=, you can move into your ready-made residence. Would you like to find out more about the options available to you? Read about it here!

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Residents of Change= can use the Change= Health Club at a reduced price. You have 24/7 access and in Amsterdam Zuidoost and Utrecht Leidsche Rijn the Health Club is located on the premises. Exercise has never been so easy!



Living at Change= is possible if you are employed or if you’ve been self-employed for at least one year. Our buildings are designed to encourage your ambitions. Each building has several common areas where residents can work independently. Read more about our workspaces here!

Health & Safety

Thanks to our advanced camera and keycard system, we minimize the chance of unwanted visitors. Furthermore, we regularly organize programs that contribute to improving your health. Feel safe and strengthen your well-being with Change=.



Change= stimulates every form of education. Learning is about ‘learning from life’ and ’learning from each other'. We work together with various education partners so that you can develop yourself personally and professionally. We also organize regular network drinks.


Watch and feel the Change= vibe

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Modelwoning – Utrecht Leidsche Rijn
Modelwoning – Utrecht Leidsche Rijn
Walk through – Amsterdam-Nieuw West
Walk through – Amsterdam Zuidoost

Our locations

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Frequently asked questions

How can I register for a property?

If you want to be eligible for a home, first create an account through the website. Then fill in the necessary questions and submit your documents in the Change= app. If the documents meet all the conditions, we will proceed schedule the intake and if both parties are positive following this, a studio will be assigned to you.

How long does it take to qualify for a studio?

Voor de locaties Amsterdam-Zuidoost en Amsterdam Nieuw-West geldt een gemiddelde wachtduur 1 tot 3 maanden.

I am a student, am I eligible to rent accommodation through Change=?

No, this concept is aimed at young professionals between 18 and 36 years (Young Professionals) with a gross income of at least €2400 (Amsterdam) and a maximum of €3889 per month. In Utrecht Leidsche Rijn you must have a minimum gross income of €2400 and a maximum of €3397 gross per month.

In the media I read that the service costs in Amsterdam have tripled. How is that possible?

Change= has charged the costs, for the additional services and facilities, as community costs to the residents. We did this because the law did not seem to offer the possibility to forward these costs as service costs. The model chosen at the time has been used for years in healthcare institutions and care homes and was developed in collaboration with the Woonbond.

In 2021, the subdistrict court gave a broader interpretation surrounding the concept of service costs and ruled that these costs should not be passed on as community costs, but that these costs should actually be entered as service costs. As a result, the community costs have been zeroed out and the service costs have increased by the same amount. On balance, the resident – irrespective of indexations - therefore pays the same amount of costs as at the start of the agreement. In addition, the court also recognized that the Change= Concept is a valuable innovation and addition to the housing market and ruled that Change= did not act in bad faith.

My father or mother wants to stand as a guarantor, is that possible?

Change= is a housing concept for young professionals, so we do not work with guarantors.

What does change= community concept mean?

Aside from a living space, Change= offers its residents additional services and facilities that cater for all modern-day living needs. For example, high-speed internet, digital television, workspaces, recreational and sports facilities and additional facilities that guarantee a safe living and working environment.

The Change= concept revolves around “working, living, learning, living, care and safety”. Change= is able to offer these amenities and services at low prices. As a result, a Change= resident usually saves more than €300 on basic living costs, compared to someone who rents regular social housing. High-quality homes and a socially designed living environment are offered. For young professionals, change= not only provides an answer to the ever-increasing rental prices in big cities, but it also offers a solution to the problems surrounding the ever-increasing basic living costs.

What are the requirements in order to be eligible?
  • You are an ambitious young professional!

  • You are between 18-36 years old.

  • You meet the income requirements (different for each location).

  • You would like to be part of a sociable community and make a contribution as a starter.

Are pets allowed?

For safety and hygiene reasons, pets are not allowed at Change=.